Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation – Call 6 Stage 1

research_and_innovation_for_global_health_transformation_ _call_6_stage_1

Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation – Call 6 Stage 1

Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation – Call 6 Stage 1

Guidance for Applicants

Priorities and focus of RIGHT Call 6 (Scope)

NIHR is seeking applications for RIGHT Call 6 that focus on the development and evaluation of interventions and strategies for improved prevention, treatment and management of multiple long-term conditions, including:

– interventions to prevent stepwise progression of MLTCs once one long-term condition or infection has been diagnosed

– interventions to improve treatment, management and care of patients with infections prevalent in LMICs that have a known association with development or exacerbation of NCDs

– interventions for the treatment and prevention of the development of MLTCs in children and young adults driven by malnutrition, multiple chronic infections and poverty

– scalable treatment and care approaches that integrate the management of MLTCs/disease clusters associated with infection(s) and/or NCD(s)

– new treatment packages, new models of care and community-based interventions

– healthcare systems strengthening: research into health care system improvements for treatment, management and care for those affected by MLTCs in LMICs may be included as a component of the research.

Research that leads to a better understanding of risk factors, cultural attitudes and practices influencing the development of MLTCs can be included provided it is part of a wider programme of work contributing to the implementation or evaluation of one or more interventions.

In recognition that the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact global health systems, applicants should consider the context of COVID-19 where relevant to their research proposal, both in terms of project planning and the generalisability of outcomes.

Budget / Length of Funding

The amount requested and the length of the funding period should be fully justified according to the nature of the proposed research.

Through this call, awards up to £5 million, range £1-5 million (maximum of £5 million) over 3-5 years are available for eligible research. Applications in the lower part of this range are welcomed where smaller programmes will still address the aims of the call.

Eligible costs for NIHR RIGHT calls include: Direct Costs, Staff costs, Travel, Subsistence and Conference costs, Equipment, Consumables, Community Engagement and Involvement, Dissemination, Risk Management and Assurance, Training and Development Costs, External intervention costs, Monitoring, evaluation and learning, Other Direct Costs, Indirect Costs / Overheads (guidance varies according to type of organisation).

Please see the NIHR RIGHT Call 6 Finance Guidance for detailed information.

Proposal and Partnership Development Award

Proposal and Partnership Development Awards (PPDA) were established to support partnership development and the preparation of a RIGHT Stage 2 application. Applicants that are successful at RIGHT Stage 1 and invited to submit a RIGHT Stage 2 application are eligible to apply for a PPDA. PPDA provides funding of up to £10,000 to:

Support applicants to work collaboratively with all study partners to develop stage 2 applications.

Enhance/initiate partnerships and Community Engagement and Involvement (CEI) activities to strengthen the research proposal.

Initiate preparation of study governance documentation (i.e., due diligence and finance assurance policies).

To be considered for a PPDA, applicants MUST complete a separate PPDA application. Both the RIGHT Call 6 Stage 1 application and the PPDA application must be submitted via the CCF Research Management System (RMS) by 14 December 2022 at 1pm UK time.

PPDA applications will be reviewed for those applicants that are successful at Stage 1. Applicants who are successful at Stage 1 will be notified of the outcome of their PPDA application at the same time as the RIGHT Call 6 Stage 1 application. Applicants who are unsuccessful; at Stage 1 will not be eligible for PPDA.

Eligible costs for PPDA and the reimbursement process is described in full in the RIGHT Call 6 Finance guidance.

Please see separate Proposal and Partnership Development Award Guidance for completing the PPDA application and further examples of what a PPDA can support.

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